Wind. Water. Earth. Fire. Space.

Everything you see around is this.

Nature took a million years to create unfaltering, self-replicating combinations of these elements. They are precious. They create a wholesome life experience for culture. Culture creates comfort and security. COAL is an endeavour to combine Nature and Culture.

Nature’s well-kept secrets formulated, placed together in the right combination in hard working skin care range: COAL aims to make your skin healthier and happier.

Exceptional, extraordinary Clean Beauty Skin Care that’s deeply researched and created with authenticity.

COAL deeply researches the skin care products on offer to be high – performance, hypoallergenic and of a premium quality. No harmful additives, including fragrances. No hidden ingredients. Only honest, straightforward genuineness.

COAL trusts actions. COAL does not prove anything. COAL is Skin Investment. What you put in today will show tomorrow. No rocket science, just a simple attempt at clean beauty.

COAL is the brainchild of Rrajesh Bakshi, serial entrepreneur and an experienced company builder accredited to have built many successful startups at very early stages, which eventually became pioneers for their respective categories. With COAL, Mr Bakshi aims to fundamentally enhance the trust of a consumer on skin care products.