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Embrace Your True Self

by admin on Jan 11, 2022

As the saying goes, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, meaning what we see as pleasing to our eyes fit this definition of ‘being beautiful’. But perceptions are often illusory. What our heart and mind directs us to call as beautiful, we follow thy instinct.

But do we really follow the same call when it comes to internal beauty? Have we ever pondered upon this question of how beautiful we are? Have our eyes seen and heart felt this internal beauty? For instance, is the nature aware about its beauty? Can the butterflies see their own beauty; the same is the case with us. We humans are no less.

Beauty in case of human beings is not of the face or body but the mind, heart and the soul. What we are inside is reflected outside. It does not matter what we are or how we look internally but the big question is do we rejoice that feeling externally? Do we need opinions that put a stamp on beauty?
Well not, it is a feeling to be proud of, a moment to cherish who you are. It is accepting yourself and flaunting thy look. It is not about adding layers to your individuality, in other words, adding filters to your skin, maintaining to the standard size zero, international labels you put on, automobiles that define your status etc. If worldly pleasures would make things or people beautiful, then each and every ounce would be a synonym for beauty. It is about sparkling in the sun in your own skin, body, shape, and feature among others. It is about when you look up to each day and it seems beautiful than before. It is about being simple, for simple is beautiful.

In simple words, your looks, your artificial beauty is not there to stay for long. Rather, your personality and internal beauty are there to stay forever. After all, outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.