How Essential Are Essential Oils? Coal Clean Beauty

How Essential Are Essential Oils?

by admin on Feb 25, 2022

There is a lot that our personality can reflect about ourselves. A pleasing personality is like a window for the other person. It is the first impression that creates a long lasting memory. This first impression comes with a pleasing appearance; an aura that can surpass all. A radiant glowing skin is the answer to this calling, a skin that not only glows externally but is healed within. But, how can we treat our skins internally? In other words, how to have a skin that appears as both flamboyant as well as repaired? Every skin comes with its own set of concerns. Dry skin appears to be flaky either due to the age factor or reduced activity in the sebaceous (oil) glands in the pores. Oily skin is more prone to acne and pimples because sebaceous glands are in overdrive, creating excessive oil on the surface of your skin. Sensitive skin, either dry or oily, comes with its own set of skin warnings. So, amidst all these concerns what can bring respite? With their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and soothing properties, essential oils a.k.a. the oily fragrant liquids are the essence of the plants and are used for a variety of skincare concerns. These plant extracts are made from different parts of the plant like roots, seeds, stems, leaves, flowers and at times, fruits. Their extraction technique differs as in some cases the oil is extracted by pressing, while in others; it is done by steaming different parts of plants. Presence of essential oils in skincare products have proved to be of great importance. Naturally healing, they are used to treat different needs and concerns related to the skin type. Adding essential oils to creams, serums, mists, toners, scrubs, masks etc. can further enhance their effects. At COAL, our nature-friendly, chemical-free, non-irritant products, loaded with natural ingredients, are an amalgamation of essential oils such as wheat germ, mahua, olive, lemon, orange, Japanese orange, saffron, jojoba, mango, ginger, lily, coconut, castor, sunflower, almond, argan, hibiscus, lavender, sesame, amla, brahmi, vetiver, curry leaves, and carrot seed among others. Formulated after in-depth research, our essential oil-based products are extremely effective for we serve pure, durable and unadulterated skincare range. Our sincerity towards our formulations has led to manufacturing clean essential oil-based products that make the skin healthy and assist in its proper functioning. Each essential oil comes with myriad benefits and when they come together as a formulation in a product they increase the value of each essential oil that goes in the making of a product. With the essential oils market growing exponentially, it is predicted that the worldwide essential oil market will cross USD 13 billion in the year of 2024 (as stated in Global Market Insights, Inc. report). This evident data, gives us the confidence that COAL essential oils-based skincare range has a bright future. To know the myriad benefits of essential oils in COAL’s skincare range, follow our next blog!